FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (10)

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Common tactics

Quick tactics: If only with the handle, then tactical instructions only 4, attack, high pressure, ball and long pass.

Cross key ↑ + cross key ↑: offside trap; cross key ↑ + cross key ↓: team overall oppression; cross key ↑ + cross key left: two wings fly; cross key ↑ + cross key →: The

In the team in the ball, they need to grab points, you can choose tactics – attack, then the team offensive will become sharp;

In the team defense, the choice of tactics – high pressure, then the defense in the backcourt will increase;
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In the team scores leading and need to slow down the rhythm of the game, you can choose tactics – ball;

If the team is difficult to tear each other midfielder line, you can choose tactics – long pass to break the opponent midfielder defense;

If you use kinect (XBOXONE), tactics will be more abundant. If there is no kinect, you can enter into the editing tactics. On the speed, transmission, location, pass, shot, pressure, team expansion, the defense line to adjust the value.

This adjustment does not mean that the team must achieve these operational values, but to encourage players to make such changes.

Quick change tactics: Now FIFA added a feature, that is, when the second half of the pause, you can hold down the RT key quickly substitutions.

This substitution is random, usually the system to “place substitutions” way to provide choice.

If you are not satisfied, you can also quickly switch the next set of quick alternatives.

However, you have to change the three, then you have to enter the pause menu, to replace.

Regular tactics: players can go to the team center inside the tactical interface to select the following several conventional tactics.

Keep the assault, the team will allow more players to retreat defense. And get the ball, the player will quickly put the ball back in front of the counterattack.

The use of this tactical team in order to solid defense, will often give up possession of the ball;

High pressure, the team in order to get early control of the ball, will be active in front of the court defense and pressing man.

This is an effective tactic for opponents to reduce possession, but it is difficult to cope with long pass attacks;

Long tactics, the team will pass through the opponent’s long defense line, or pass to the offensive or assists players.

This tactic is suitable for teams with speed or good striker forward;

Ball tactics, classic ball tactics. When there is a chance, the team will attack forward, but master possession is the primary task. The player will choose to support teammates, not forward attack.

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