Countdown to the start of the new Orange Superleague of Clash Royale

The first edition of the Clash Royale Orange Super League begins on Sunday at Barcelona Games World
The new season of the Orange Super League is about to begin and it does with great news. Among them is the creation of a competition with Clash Royale, one of the games for mobile phones that has more fans around the world and that is slowly becoming a niche in the field of eSports . In Marca eSports we want you not to miss anything and for that we have elaborated this little guide on the competition.

How does the Clash Royale Orange Super League work?
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale is divided into two phases. The first, the regular season (from October 8 to December 3), will be a league to a lap in which ten teams will face each other over nine days. The matches will be played to the best of five sets. The team that wins will get three points and the one that loses zero.

After the regular season, the top eight finishers will play in the Clash Royale Orange Superleague finals . It will be a qualifying face-to-face tournament to be held at Gamergy (December 15-17) and crown the first League Champion.

In addition, the teams that finish in the last two places of the regular season will play the phase of ascent and descent. First they will face each other and the loser will then have to defend his place in the next season of the Superleague Orange of Clash Royale in front of the equipment that finishes first of the playoff of the open qualifiers.

The Clash Royale Orange Super League will feature ten teams
Gamergy will decide who is the first champion of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale
Which teams participate in the Clash Royale Orange Super League?
Ten teams will enter the competition in the first edition of the Orange Superleague of Clash Royale. Three of them (Team Cheese, Huntters eSports and NeverBack Gaming) earned their place through two qualifiers during the month of August, while the remaining seven clubs were selected by the LVP based on objective criteria such as the sports career of the clubs, their experience in other games or the solidity of their projects, among other factors.

These are the teams (and their respective staff) that participate in the Orange Superleague of Clash Royale:

Team Cheese
– Players: Jesús “Soking” Varela, Pere Manel “Cuchii Cuu” Rodríguez and Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam
– Coach: Manuel “PlayExperienze” Martin
– Alternates: Jaime “Xerezano” Reyes, Álvaro “Varik0” Márquez and Daniel “Jipi Matavaros ” Flowers

Huntters eSports
– Players: Samuel “Criis” Fernández, Álvaro “Alvaro_mlg99” Alcaide and Davie “BoniiMVP” Saez
– Coach: Daniel “DaniMG_21” Martin
– Subs : Juan Carlos “Juanka” Ruiz and Marc “MarcHeisenberg” Alzañiz

NeverBack Gaming
– Players: Miguel “MCasc_Cort” Castro, Pablo “Pablo98” Mendía and Mario “MagicMario” Pozo
– Coach: Javier “Sirius” Moya
– Substitutes: Jorge “OLY25” Plaza, Borja “THE END” Navarro and Rubén “Rugonz” González

The G-Lab Penguins
– “Players”: Jorge “YorchMan” Garcia, Sergi “Sergi_MC5” Muñoz y Rubén “Mr.Ruby” Alabort
– Trainer: Óscar “V3NOM” Otero
– Substitutes: Eric “Dark Soldier” Ramos, Jorge “Nova” Diaz and Carlos “KuBe” Gomez

– Players: Marcos “MaRKiToS!” López, Álex “RemoTop” Ortega and Alberto “AlbertouX3” Jiménez
– Coach: Sergio “Pt. Sergio “García
– Substitutes: Pau” ItzPaul “Bort, Beñat” Beniju “Juarros and Enrique” Asasins “Cabezudo

Movistar Riders
– Players: Guillermo “Dartas” Fontán, Joao Victor “Destructor” Caetano and Adrián “adriandp98” Dasilva
– Coach: Raúl “ky” Rodríguez
– Substitutes: Jordi “JoRDiK” Jiménez, Borja “BorjaLM” López and Carlos “CANTERO” Cantero

– Players: Mario “Marietee” Durán, Francisco Javier “Javi14” Rodríguez and David “Davidlux6HD” Garofano
– Coach: Rubén “RubenSnow25” Velasco
– Substitute: Christian “CvbGamer_Yutube” Villacastin

Arctic InnJoo
– Players: Iliass “ShiR” El Morabet, Cristian “KaNaRiOoo” Sánchez and Miguel “Miguelinho” Buitrago
– Coach: Guillermo “Nazca” De Juan
– Substitutes: Ricardo Adolfo “ReisOP” Jaén and David “DWP7” Ruiz

Giants Gaming
– Players: Javier “zTeemper” Mars, Yeray “Yeray” Rodríguez and Rui Filipe “Tugazinho” Pereira
– Trainer: Ferran “FerranRC” Ruiz
– Substitutes: Sergio “Termisfa” Fernández, Jacobo “JJJLLL” Leira and Iván “IVAN ABUSE” Semenenko

Team Heretics
– Players: Martin “Malcaide” Alcaide, Carlos “Renak” Álvarez and Álvaro “SuaaReeZ” Suarez
– Coach: Jonathan “TaTaN” Tolosa
– Substitutes: Alejandro “AleXX!” Martinez, Luis “Lu1sG ™” González and Jose “JoseLC” Luque

Supercell has created an unstoppable phenomenon
In Gamergy we will know the name of the first champion
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale gets long in Barcelona Games World
The first edition of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale begins this weekend and the Professional Video Games League has prepared a great party to raise the curtain all over. Two of the five games of the opening day will be held this Sunday (October 8) in the framework of Barcelona Games World in an amphitheater-like setting with capacity for 1,700 people.

Two of the clubs most important eSports on the national scene, Giants Gaming and Movistar Riders, will be those who have the honor of opening the competition, while two of the favorites to win the title of this first season, Team Cheese and Team Heretics, will also measure their strength before the watchful eye of those attending the fair in Barcelona.

The schedules of the first day are as follows:

– Team Cheese – Team Heretics: at 16 hours in Barcelona Games World
– Giants Gaming – Movistar Riders: at 17:15 hours in Barcelona Games World
– Huntters eSports – NeverBack Gaming: at 18:30 hours through Twitch
– ASUS ROG Army – The G-Lab Penguins: at 7:45 pm through Twitch
– KIYF – Arctic InnJoo: at 9pm through Twitch

All the days of the regular phase of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale (except the inaugural) will be played on Sundays from 5 pm and can be followed live through Twitch .

Face to face, Orange Super League
The match of the day will be lived ‘Face to face’
In addition, the second day will premiere ‘Face to face’ , the great commitment of the LVP for face-to-face events and to bring the audience to the stars of the competition. Each day one of the parties will be played face-to-face in a set of Mediapro Group that will have a live audience. The retransmission of the game will feature a preview in which the protagonists of the clash will participate, live connections with the players before jumping to the game scene and postpartum interviews to analyze the confrontation. The G-Lab Penguins and NeverBack Gaming will be the first two teams to go through ‘Face to Face’ on October 15th.

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