Team Cheese debuts with a convincing victory in the first Orange Superleague of Clash Royale of history

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first point of the first set of the first game of the history of the Superleague Orange of Clash Royale could not be for other than for Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam. The Dutchman, considered by a large majority as the best player in the world, saved in extremis the first point for Team Queso before an audience totally dedicated to his talent in the arena.

10/10/2017 at 10:30 CEST

I was looking forward to a national Clash Royale competition. And the best proof is that Barcelona’s Orange Games World Stadium was small, despite having a capacity for 1700 spectators , to host the opening day of the Supercell title.

Team Queso and the Team Heretics of Martín “Malcaide” Alcaide measured forces in a match that was expected to be more evenly matched than it finally was. The Cheese won by a clear 3-0 and only yielded one of the games in the second set. Three points for the organization of Youtuber TheAlvaro845 and declaration of intentions: they want the title of best team of Spain .

The second game of the day, also played at Barcelona Games World, faced two teams designated as an alternative to Team Queso: Giants Gaming and Movistar Riders , who had seen the faces 24 hours earlier in the same scenario with their respective League of Legends.

Young Yeray “Yeray” Rodriguez overtook his team in the first set by beating Joao “Destructor” Caetano and Javier “zTeemper” Mars closed the point with a comfortable win against Adrián “adriandp98” Silva. Riders returned the blow in a second set that also solved by the fast track and Giants returned to advance thanks to Sergio “Termisfa” Fernandez in the third. The fourth set was the most equalized of the match and had to be resolved in the third game, in which Termisfa himself added the decisive point and placed Giants as provisional colíder of the Superliga Orange next to Team Queso.

Online now, Huntters eSports and NeverBack Gaming delighted us with one of the most spectacular matches of the day . The exchange of blows ended up benefiting NeverBack in a fifth dramatic set, although both teams demonstrated that they have arrived at a good moment of form at the start of Superliga Orange.

There was also a lot of excitement about the role, less potent game of the day: ASUS ROG Army against The G-Lab Penguins . Until the fifth set we had to arrive to meet the winner, who was finally the Armada thanks to the good work of Beñat “Beniju” Juarros and Enrique “Asasins” Cabezudo. The two players were not in the pools to be starters, but they showed that they have talent to participate in the rest of the days and to face the hardest rivals of the competition. Three points very important for Army as it gets against a direct rival.

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Giants and Army look at the premiere of the League of Legends Orange Super League in Barcelona Games World

As the first, the last match of the day was solved by the fast track: Arctic InnJoo comfortably beat KIYF 3-0 . The ice wolves were intractable and gave no option to the ninjas, who could only add two games throughout the three sets. With this result, Arctic is placed as leader of the classification with Team Queso and closes a historic day for the Clash Royale in Spain. The Orange Clash Super League has started. (Click gameusd to buy wow gold ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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