WoW: Rest in Peace, Talwandler Farodin – actor Barry Dennen is dead

One of the very big actors and speaker voices died at the age of 79 years: Barry Dennen. In addition to well-known roles such as Pontius Pilate in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, he was mainly known for countless spokespersons in games.

The well-known actor and Broadway actor Barry Dennen has died at the age of 79 years, as reported by . He succumbed to a brain damage, which he had contracted in June during a fall. Dennen was above all known for his role of Pontius Pilate in the film music “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In addition to countless other appearances, the actor was known, above all, for speaker roles in all kinds of games.

WoW: Unbelievable many games
As early as 1996 Barry Dennen had his first appearance in the video game Wing Commander IV, where he lent Melek his voice. In Metal Gear Solid 2 he then slipped into the role of the crazy Emperor of the explosive Fatman. Also in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time gave Dennen the antagonist in the form of the vizier. In Dragon Age: Origins he embodied Uldred and Rogek, while in Fallout: New Vegas Dean Domino. Also known to World of Warcraft players , because, in addition to some minor spokesmen in Warlords of Draenor, he is known in Legion mainly as Farodin , with whom we are completing a long quest series in Suramar.

We bow to a great actor and actor. Peace in peace, Barry Dennen.

The complete list of all performances and games can be found at .

SpVgg Unterhaching: Finally back in FIFA

On September 29th, it is finally time. FIFA 18 will be available in Germany for the PC and various consoles. For the first time this year is the 3rd league with the SpVgg Unterhaching.

The SpVgg returns on Friday after ten years of absentia to the game consuls of the Federal Republic. Since the relegation from the 2nd Bundesliga in the 2006/2007 season one could not select the Munich suburbs in FIFA. This will change now. We have looked at the values ​​of the players and created a starting point from the 28 players:

World of Warcraft” September 19 Pirate Festival activities to complete the Raiders

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World of Warcraft every day there will be pirate festival, pirate festival can get a lot of achievements, what toys, this year’s Pirate Festival only 19 and 20 2 days, but in fact only 24 hours, then World of Warcraft September 19 Pirates Festival achievements How to do it? Xiaobian below to give you a detailed introduction.

World of Warcraft September 19 pirate festival activities to complete the Raiders

  Pirate Day Pirates’ Day 2017/09/19 – 2017/09/20

  This holiday is only 24 hours, please note that time, as of 20:00 on the 20th. 2017 new hide a toy


  [Captain’s Treasure]: On the pirate day with the horrifying captain de Meisa to drink to become her crew.

  Complete the way: Treasure Bay can dialogue, click to send.

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  [Bite the vulgar books]: use: with the pirates curse the swearing of all nearby people shouting!

  Get the way: Treasure Bay Old Ereli fall.

  [Skeleton Black Sail]: Use: Use: Kuroshio Chung. (30 seconds of cooling) “Raise the black sails and let them know that we are coming.

  Get the way: Edward Tege Stranglethorn Cape <39.7,84.3> Sell , to be accomplished [obey, captain! ]. The toy for the hidden toy, did not learn when not in the toy box display.


  Captain Démé Sauvignon (sold in the South China Sea) sold [Peter], [Spirits Rum] and click to see the big picture [a big bag baby].

  [Pitt]: Use: Summon Peter on your shoulder. “Beautiful bird … beautiful bird …”

  [Sparkling Rum]: Use: Beverages with higher alcohol content.

  [A big bag of baby]: use: throw a large bag of gold coins, after landing gold coins scattered, you can pick up. (Can find a place where no one to throw their own pick up to complete the achievements of gold coins, of course, will lose some gold coins ~)

  The captain of the horrific de Mérida will give you a buff “horror pirate”, making the target a horrible captain Deessa’s senior pirate.

  Horror Pirates: A senior pirate by the captain of the horrific captain de Mesa.

  Add a task: you need a big boat!: Reward [temporary pirate attire] x5.

  [Temporary pirate attire]: Use: make you a terrorist captain De Meisa men under a senior pirate. “For the rest of the year 364 days.” (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Why you ought to expect more NFL recreations in London

Why you ought to expect more NFL recreations in London
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In 2007, the NFL played its first customary season diversion in London. We as a whole squinted, and after 10 years the association will organize four amusements there – the likeness half of one normal season home timetable – as a major aspect of its five-diversion International Series plan.

The NFL’s unfaltering push outside of U.S. fringes, particularly toward the United Kingdom, has impelled progressing inquiries concerning where it will all lead. Does the association truly need to set up a transoceanic establishment? Really?

Signs progressively point to a trade off answer that would make a “virtual establishment” by means of an eight-amusement standard season slate, and it could happen sooner than you may understand. Stamp Waller, the NFL’s official VP for universal, said in a discussion this week that the alliance’s brisk sellout of every one of the four recreations in London is “a truly significant flag” about the UK’s advantage and capacity to help an eight-diversion plan for short request.

We should consider the issues included.

The Jaguars have been the nearest thing to a home group for NFL fans in London, having played there yearly since 2013 of every an understanding that has been stretched out through 2020. Ricky Swift/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

Hold up. Why are you bringing this up now?

Since the initial 2017 London diversion will be played Sunday at Wembley Stadium. It will be the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars. Week 3 is the soonest the NFL has organized a London-based diversion.

Jeez. The Jaguars beyond any doubt appear to appear in a great deal of these recreations.

You’re correct. Beginning with the 2013 season, the Jaguars focused on playing one amusement for every season in London, and that arrangement has been stretched out through 2020. The assention ensures the NFL a ready accomplice in this venture, and UK fans don’t appear to mind getting the group that has the class’ second-most exceedingly bad winning rate (.272) of this decade.

I know this isn’t a Jaguars story, however one more inquiry: Why might they surrender a home diversion for this consistently?

The main motivation is that they profit from a London “home” amusement than they do from recreations played in Jacksonville, one of the NFL’s littlest and slightest lucrative markets. Group president Mark Lamping has said that in regards to 15 percent of the Jaguars’ yearly nearby income originates from the London diversion. (NFL groups don’t share neighborhood income.)

Pumas proprietor Shad Khan, in the interim, has of another brandishing enthusiasm for the range in the wake of obtaining soccer’s Fulham FC.


Why NFL’s first London amusement was an untidy achievement

It has been a long time since the NFL arranged its first customary season amusement in London, a messy, wet challenge – Eli Manning calls it a “mud-fest” – with an authentic essentialness that far exceeded the nature of play.

John Harbaugh on Queen tweet: ‘Ravens do monitor Tower of London’
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John Harbaugh had a ton of fun with the media in regards to a photograph of the Queen with Ravens confront paint that was posted and after that erased from Twitter.

Ravens taking a gander at London diversion as your run of the mill 3,678-mile business trip

Making their first excursion to London, the Ravens have only two things on their motivation this end of the week: beat the Jaguars and fly home.

Ideally the NFL packs whatever remains of the London plan with more focused groups.

Eh. Just a single 2016 playoff group is among the eight that will make the trek (the Miami Dolphins) this season. The rundown likewise incorporates the Cleveland Browns, the main group that has a more regrettable winning rate this decade than the Jaguars (.254). The Los Angeles Rams, who last showed up in 2004, are additionally on the calendar.

Truly, these amusements are not among the NFL’s ideal, despite the fact that they were more focused and fascinating in 2016 than their past composite.

Doesn’t appear to make a difference to the Brits, huh?

Not a chance. They sold out the two recreations at Wembley and two at Twickenham Stadium in short request. That implies more than 300,000 fans will see NFL recreations face to face in London this season.

Is that 300,000 distinct individuals or 300,000 in complete participation?

The last mentioned. Interesting that, as indicated by Waller, around 40,000 individuals purchased tickets to each of the four amusements. You know what that sounds like, isn’t that right?

No, what?

A fan base.

“On the off chance that you think about that [number] as far as season-ticket enrollment and season-ticket base,” Waller stated, “that is a decent pointer of the profundity of being a fan.”

Twickenham Stadium got in on the NFL activity without precedent for 2016 by facilitating the Giants and Rams. This year, with the class knocking up its London distribution to four recreations, Twickenham has two amusements. Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Fascinating. Is there something else that insights of the moderate form toward a virtual establishment?

Indeed. Surprisingly, the NFL is arranging amusements in back to back weeks. Wembley will have diversions in Weeks 3 and 4, while Twickenham is set for quite a long time 7 and 8.

What did Waller say in regards to that?

Here you go: “Something we’ve generally felt is that in the event that we were ever to have a group here anytime later on, the timetable would need to work as far as consecutive recreations in the UK and consecutive diversions in the States. It allows us to test the consecutive diversions from a playing point of view. It’s not similar groups, but rather in any event the fields and the stadium and everything else.”

Three of the amusements, including this Sunday’s, will commence at 9:30 a.m. ET. For what reason do they continue doing that?

This is one occasion when the NFL chose not to put the interests of the American TV group of onlookers first. A 2:30 p.m. kickoff time in London is substantially more open to UK fans than 6 p.m., which relates to 1 p.m. ET.

What difference does it make?

The NFL.

“Something that is constantly critical,” Waller stated, “is that you fit socially with what works in the market that you’re in. The truth in the UK is that Sunday evening is a games time. Sunday night is most certainly not. There is no EPL [soccer] on Sunday night. There is no rugby. It’s simply not what individuals do. … I would prefer not to put down how badly arranged it is for U.S. fans. I thoroughly comprehend that. Be that as it may, that is the place the exchange off falsehoods.”

However, what number of these fans are legitimate UK sports fans and what number of are uprooted Americans?

The NFL gauges that 5,000 fans at each amusement will have flown over from the United States. Another 5,000 go from mainland Europe, for the most part Germany and Scandinavia. The rest hail from London or different focuses inside driving separation, for example, Liverpool, Newcastle and even Scotland. So by far most are individuals who live in the UK and probably have for some time.

Something else to share?

Simply that the London arrangement remains a developing, fruitful undertaking that isn’t leaving. Truth be told, it could get greater before long. Positive comes back from this “half season” of diversions could clear the way toward a “full” season. Said Waller: “And I don’t think you need to play four and after that five and after that six and afterward seven and after that eight. I don’t think it should be a direct movement.”

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The release date of FIFA 18 is getting closer and we now know the scores of all Arsenal players.
Arsenal had a disappointing season in 2016-17, but the Gunners’ scores remain very good in FIFA 18.
Players like Alexis Sanchez, Petr Cech and Mesut Ozil or Alexandre Lacazette are among the top 100 players in the new version of the famous video game simulation.
As FIFA 18 comes out on September 29th, it’s time to discover the Gunners’ scores and their best player.

FIFA 18 Ratings Cech
Petr Cech GK 86
David Ospina GK 79

Shkodran Mustafi FIFA 18

The article continues below
Laurent Koscielny CB 84
Shkodran Mustafi CB 84
Per Mertesacker CB 81
Hector Bellerin RB 81
Nacho Monreal LB 80
Sead Kolasinac LB 80
Mathieu Debuchy RB 78
Calum Chambers CB 75
Rob Holding CB 72
Tafari Moore RB 63
Krystian Bielik CB 62
Tolaji Bola CB 59
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FIFA 18 Alexis
Alexis Sanchez LM 89
Mesut Ozil CAM 88
Santi Cazorla CM 83
Aaron Ramsey CM 82
Granite Xhaka CDM 82
Jack Wilshere CM 81
Theo Walcott RM 80
Francis Coquelin CDM 79
Mohamed Elneny CDM 77
Alex Iwobi LM 77
Gedion Zelalem CM 65
Ainsley Maitland-Niles RM 65
Jeff Reine-Adelaide RM 63
Reiss Nelson RM 58

FIFA 18 Ratings Lacazette
Alexandre Lacazette ST 85
Olivier Giroud ST 82
Danny Welbeck ST 80
Chuba Akpom ST 64
Edward Nketiah ST 59
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NBA 2K18 is available on iOS

NBA 2K 18 is available for a few days on consoles and PC, and 2K just announced that the title also comes under a new portage, but this time on mobile under iOS. The franchise NBA 2K is used to the mobile platform, and this year it is back with new improvements for fans’ delight.
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In the new releases, you will have access to a Career mode that is deeper than the previous ones, but also in Association mode and a new 2K Beats soundtrack . Here are the available features:

My CAREER mode with a detailed script and more interactions for My PLAYER.
Association Mode: A new multi-season mode that allows you to control the future of a franchise and create the next NBA dynasty .
2K Beats: an eclectic mix of music from around the world, including Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many others.
More gameplay options, such as the ability to sprinter in defense and more abilities to rebound .
Win more virtual money to improve My PLAYER.

Towards the leftTo the right
If you want to get this title know that it will cost you 8.99 €, go to this address to download it on your iPhone or iPad. Here is the list of compatible hardware (Requires iOS 9.0 or later) :
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iPhone 5s
Iphone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Air
iPad Air Wi-Fi + Mobile network
iPad mini 2
iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi + Mobile network
iPad Air 2
iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Mobile network
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 3 Wi-Fi + Mobile network
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi + Mobile network
iPad Pro 12.9 inches
iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Wi-Fi + Mobile Networking
iPad Pro 9.7 inches
iPad Pro 9.7 Inch Wi-Fi + Mobile Networking
iPad (5th generation)
iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation)
iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2nd generation)
iPad Pro 12.9 Inch Wi-Fi + Mobile Network (2nd Generation)
iPad Pro 10.5 Inch
iPad Pro 10.5 Inch Wi-Fi + Mobile Networking
iPod touch

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FIFA 18″: the detail that was lacking in the realism of the game is there The new edition of the video game of football leaves September 29th.

VIDEO GAMES – “FIFA 18” is fast approaching and brings with it its share of technological and graphic novelties. Available on September 29 on all consoles, the game is revealed little by little on social networks.
And the fans have noticed a little detail that speaks volumes about the progress made by the developers of the game in terms of realism. In the next installment of the soccer saga, when a player receives the ball under his belt, he will react accordingly, see instead:

FGB @FifaGamersBlog
Dans #FIFA18 tu pourras avoir mal aux couilles
23:02 – 18 sept. 2017
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Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
This game parameter adds to the multitude of reactions and celebrations of the players that can already be reproduced in “FIFA”. Players who have discovered their notes in recent days. As every year, it is known who Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the best rated in the simulation of football number 1 in the world. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The shadows of Argus is the update of World of Warcraft 7.3!

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The World of Warcraft update 7.3, the shadows of Argus, is available today and proposes to browse a new planet!

The Journey to End the Legion Crusade begins today with The Shadows of Argus , updated 7.3 of World of Warcraft .

The courage of the heroes of Azeroth is put to a severe test in The Shadows of Argus, where they have to face the power of the Legion in its best defended fortresses. Argus, the native world of draenei, has been distorted by the dark magic of gangrene, and now floats in the sky of Azeroth, challenging the adventurers to avenge their fallen allies.


In The Shadows of Argus, update 7.3, players can:

Navigating a new hostile world: for the first time, the Argus planet corrupted by the Legion and the scattered remnants of the ancestral home of draenei are accessible to players.
To make an alliance with the Army of Light , a band of warriors who have sworn to fight the Legion, alongside two champions who were believed to have disappeared since the Legion’s last crusade on Azeroth: Alleria Coursevent and Turalyon.
Explore the three regions of Argus: the gangrenous surface of Argus (Krokuun), the ancient ruins of an erredar city floating in the sky (Mac’Aree), as well as the bowels of the planet (Antarctic expanses).
Conquer the Siege of the triumvirate (new dungeon) , the former center of draenei culture, where Velen, Kil’jaeden and Archimonde once ruled.
Customize the relics of their prodigious weapons with the Halo-Neutral crucible.
Seal the Legion invasion sites on other worlds.
Order a draenei ship , the Vindicaar, a real mobile operations base. (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

And much more…

Su’a Cravens’ NFL Season Over With Redskins Roster Move

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Washington Redskins safety Su’a Cravens has been placed on the reserve/left squad list for the rest of the 2017-18 NFL season after he didn’t report back to the Redskins because of personal issues.

Cravens had announced over Labor Day weekend that he wanted to retire at age 22 because of personal family issues. Team officials met with Cravens and decided to place him on the exempt/left squad for four weeks to give him time to think about his path going forward.

As those four weeks ended, the decision to place Cravens on the Reserve/Left squad was made after further meetings with Cravens and his representatives could not convince Redskins officials that his personal and health issues had been resolved, The Washington Post reported

WATCH: Gamer loses his mind playing NBA 2K18

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Just how serious are gamers taking their NBA 2K18 experience?
This serious!
A gamer was playing his copy of NBA 2K18 when his team, or should I say James Harden, blew a layup only to see his video game opponent, Cleveland, hit a near full-court shot to steal the win.
His reaction – priceless!
NBA 2K18 is life!
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