Duplicate Battles Arrive at Clash Royale

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As announced earlier this week, a new event arrives at Clash Royale with the Week of Duplicate Battles . An epic confrontation in which both contenders have the same deck, the same weapons. A battle of Duplicate Barajas that will bring out the best (and worst) of each fighter from October 17 to 23.


The two players will start the Duplicate Battles with the same four cards , and with the same in the next rotation. An equality in which the main card will be the Mirror, present in all decks of each battle that takes place during the event.

This Tuesday, October 17 begins the daily practices of the Duplicate Battles, obtaining until next Thursday 19: 300 gold coins for three crowns, and a mirror letter for six . But the real battle of Duplicate Barajas will arrive from Friday the 20th with juicy rewards even without disclosing on the part of Supercell. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy top up gems clash royale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (10)

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Common tactics

Quick tactics: If only with the handle, then tactical instructions only 4, attack, high pressure, ball and long pass.

Cross key ↑ + cross key ↑: offside trap; cross key ↑ + cross key ↓: team overall oppression; cross key ↑ + cross key left: two wings fly; cross key ↑ + cross key →: The

In the team in the ball, they need to grab points, you can choose tactics – attack, then the team offensive will become sharp;

In the team defense, the choice of tactics – high pressure, then the defense in the backcourt will increase;
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In the team scores leading and need to slow down the rhythm of the game, you can choose tactics – ball;

If the team is difficult to tear each other midfielder line, you can choose tactics – long pass to break the opponent midfielder defense;

If you use kinect (XBOXONE), tactics will be more abundant. If there is no kinect, you can enter into the editing tactics. On the speed, transmission, location, pass, shot, pressure, team expansion, the defense line to adjust the value.

This adjustment does not mean that the team must achieve these operational values, but to encourage players to make such changes.

Quick change tactics: Now FIFA added a feature, that is, when the second half of the pause, you can hold down the RT key quickly substitutions.

This substitution is random, usually the system to “place substitutions” way to provide choice.

If you are not satisfied, you can also quickly switch the next set of quick alternatives.

However, you have to change the three, then you have to enter the pause menu, to replace.

Regular tactics: players can go to the team center inside the tactical interface to select the following several conventional tactics.

Keep the assault, the team will allow more players to retreat defense. And get the ball, the player will quickly put the ball back in front of the counterattack.

The use of this tactical team in order to solid defense, will often give up possession of the ball;

High pressure, the team in order to get early control of the ball, will be active in front of the court defense and pressing man.

This is an effective tactic for opponents to reduce possession, but it is difficult to cope with long pass attacks;

Long tactics, the team will pass through the opponent’s long defense line, or pass to the offensive or assists players.

This tactic is suitable for teams with speed or good striker forward;

Ball tactics, classic ball tactics. When there is a chance, the team will attack forward, but master possession is the primary task. The player will choose to support teammates, not forward attack.

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Countdown to the start of the new Orange Superleague of Clash Royale

The first edition of the Clash Royale Orange Super League begins on Sunday at Barcelona Games World
The new season of the Orange Super League is about to begin and it does with great news. Among them is the creation of a competition with Clash Royale, one of the games for mobile phones that has more fans around the world and that is slowly becoming a niche in the field of eSports . In Marca eSports we want you not to miss anything and for that we have elaborated this little guide on the competition.

How does the Clash Royale Orange Super League work?
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale is divided into two phases. The first, the regular season (from October 8 to December 3), will be a league to a lap in which ten teams will face each other over nine days. The matches will be played to the best of five sets. The team that wins will get three points and the one that loses zero.

After the regular season, the top eight finishers will play in the Clash Royale Orange Superleague finals . It will be a qualifying face-to-face tournament to be held at Gamergy (December 15-17) and crown the first League Champion.

In addition, the teams that finish in the last two places of the regular season will play the phase of ascent and descent. First they will face each other and the loser will then have to defend his place in the next season of the Superleague Orange of Clash Royale in front of the equipment that finishes first of the playoff of the open qualifiers.

The Clash Royale Orange Super League will feature ten teams
Gamergy will decide who is the first champion of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale
Which teams participate in the Clash Royale Orange Super League?
Ten teams will enter the competition in the first edition of the Orange Superleague of Clash Royale. Three of them (Team Cheese, Huntters eSports and NeverBack Gaming) earned their place through two qualifiers during the month of August, while the remaining seven clubs were selected by the LVP based on objective criteria such as the sports career of the clubs, their experience in other games or the solidity of their projects, among other factors.

These are the teams (and their respective staff) that participate in the Orange Superleague of Clash Royale:

Team Cheese
– Players: Jesús “Soking” Varela, Pere Manel “Cuchii Cuu” Rodríguez and Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam
– Coach: Manuel “PlayExperienze” Martin
– Alternates: Jaime “Xerezano” Reyes, Álvaro “Varik0” Márquez and Daniel “Jipi Matavaros ” Flowers

Huntters eSports
– Players: Samuel “Criis” Fernández, Álvaro “Alvaro_mlg99” Alcaide and Davie “BoniiMVP” Saez
– Coach: Daniel “DaniMG_21” Martin
– Subs : Juan Carlos “Juanka” Ruiz and Marc “MarcHeisenberg” Alzañiz

NeverBack Gaming
– Players: Miguel “MCasc_Cort” Castro, Pablo “Pablo98” Mendía and Mario “MagicMario” Pozo
– Coach: Javier “Sirius” Moya
– Substitutes: Jorge “OLY25” Plaza, Borja “THE END” Navarro and Rubén “Rugonz” González

The G-Lab Penguins
– “Players”: Jorge “YorchMan” Garcia, Sergi “Sergi_MC5” Muñoz y Rubén “Mr.Ruby” Alabort
– Trainer: Óscar “V3NOM” Otero
– Substitutes: Eric “Dark Soldier” Ramos, Jorge “Nova” Diaz and Carlos “KuBe” Gomez

– Players: Marcos “MaRKiToS!” López, Álex “RemoTop” Ortega and Alberto “AlbertouX3” Jiménez
– Coach: Sergio “Pt. Sergio “García
– Substitutes: Pau” ItzPaul “Bort, Beñat” Beniju “Juarros and Enrique” Asasins “Cabezudo

Movistar Riders
– Players: Guillermo “Dartas” Fontán, Joao Victor “Destructor” Caetano and Adrián “adriandp98” Dasilva
– Coach: Raúl “ky” Rodríguez
– Substitutes: Jordi “JoRDiK” Jiménez, Borja “BorjaLM” López and Carlos “CANTERO” Cantero

– Players: Mario “Marietee” Durán, Francisco Javier “Javi14” Rodríguez and David “Davidlux6HD” Garofano
– Coach: Rubén “RubenSnow25” Velasco
– Substitute: Christian “CvbGamer_Yutube” Villacastin

Arctic InnJoo
– Players: Iliass “ShiR” El Morabet, Cristian “KaNaRiOoo” Sánchez and Miguel “Miguelinho” Buitrago
– Coach: Guillermo “Nazca” De Juan
– Substitutes: Ricardo Adolfo “ReisOP” Jaén and David “DWP7” Ruiz

Giants Gaming
– Players: Javier “zTeemper” Mars, Yeray “Yeray” Rodríguez and Rui Filipe “Tugazinho” Pereira
– Trainer: Ferran “FerranRC” Ruiz
– Substitutes: Sergio “Termisfa” Fernández, Jacobo “JJJLLL” Leira and Iván “IVAN ABUSE” Semenenko

Team Heretics
– Players: Martin “Malcaide” Alcaide, Carlos “Renak” Álvarez and Álvaro “SuaaReeZ” Suarez
– Coach: Jonathan “TaTaN” Tolosa
– Substitutes: Alejandro “AleXX!” Martinez, Luis “Lu1sG ™” González and Jose “JoseLC” Luque

Supercell has created an unstoppable phenomenon
In Gamergy we will know the name of the first champion
The Orange Superleague of Clash Royale gets long in Barcelona Games World
The first edition of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale begins this weekend and the Professional Video Games League has prepared a great party to raise the curtain all over. Two of the five games of the opening day will be held this Sunday (October 8) in the framework of Barcelona Games World in an amphitheater-like setting with capacity for 1,700 people.

Two of the clubs most important eSports on the national scene, Giants Gaming and Movistar Riders, will be those who have the honor of opening the competition, while two of the favorites to win the title of this first season, Team Cheese and Team Heretics, will also measure their strength before the watchful eye of those attending the fair in Barcelona.

The schedules of the first day are as follows:

– Team Cheese – Team Heretics: at 16 hours in Barcelona Games World
– Giants Gaming – Movistar Riders: at 17:15 hours in Barcelona Games World
– Huntters eSports – NeverBack Gaming: at 18:30 hours through Twitch
– ASUS ROG Army – The G-Lab Penguins: at 7:45 pm through Twitch
– KIYF – Arctic InnJoo: at 9pm through Twitch

All the days of the regular phase of the Orange Super League of Clash Royale (except the inaugural) will be played on Sundays from 5 pm and can be followed live through Twitch .

Face to face, Orange Super League
The match of the day will be lived ‘Face to face’
In addition, the second day will premiere ‘Face to face’ , the great commitment of the LVP for face-to-face events and to bring the audience to the stars of the competition. Each day one of the parties will be played face-to-face in a set of Mediapro Group that will have a live audience. The retransmission of the game will feature a preview in which the protagonists of the clash will participate, live connections with the players before jumping to the game scene and postpartum interviews to analyze the confrontation. The G-Lab Penguins and NeverBack Gaming will be the first two teams to go through ‘Face to Face’ on October 15th.

FIFA Mobile Soccer Cheats – Guide and tips for signing up and playing

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If you want to sign up well and win, we bring you the best tricks of FIFA Mobile Soccer to get it easily

FIFA is again the game of the moment for another year, with a lot of versions that have reached different systems and awaken the usual activity in networks. In XGN we do not forget those who have not yet done with FIFA 18, so today we review the tricks of FIFA Mobile Soccer so you can enjoy a similar experience without going through the box.

We will help you to have the best strategy, to attack and to sign with head. Do you want to get the most out of FIFA Mobile Soccer tricks? Keep reading because we will make you the best coach of this pocket king version of the ball.

FIFA Mobile Soccer Cheats
FIFA Mobile Soccer Cheats – Basic Tips
The first thing to do is define your strategy. We speak of formation, the way in which your eleven is distributed in the field and builds its attack, its defense and its progression with the ball in possession. One of the best tricks of FIFA Mobile Soccer is being aware that the best players are no guarantee of anything, especially if you do not place them where you should.

To give you an example, if you play at the fastest right hand end of the game but you have a game-centered formation inside and possession of the ball, all you are doing is wasting resources, both monetary and personal. What FIFA Mobile Soccer tricks do you need to win? The first is the head. (Click www.gameusd.com to buy fifa mobile points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Team Cheese debuts with a convincing victory in the first Orange Superleague of Clash Royale of history

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first point of the first set of the first game of the history of the Superleague Orange of Clash Royale could not be for other than for Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam. The Dutchman, considered by a large majority as the best player in the world, saved in extremis the first point for Team Queso before an audience totally dedicated to his talent in the arena.

10/10/2017 at 10:30 CEST

I was looking forward to a national Clash Royale competition. And the best proof is that Barcelona’s Orange Games World Stadium was small, despite having a capacity for 1700 spectators , to host the opening day of the Supercell title.

Team Queso and the Team Heretics of Martín “Malcaide” Alcaide measured forces in a match that was expected to be more evenly matched than it finally was. The Cheese won by a clear 3-0 and only yielded one of the games in the second set. Three points for the organization of Youtuber TheAlvaro845 and declaration of intentions: they want the title of best team of Spain .

The second game of the day, also played at Barcelona Games World, faced two teams designated as an alternative to Team Queso: Giants Gaming and Movistar Riders , who had seen the faces 24 hours earlier in the same scenario with their respective League of Legends.

Young Yeray “Yeray” Rodriguez overtook his team in the first set by beating Joao “Destructor” Caetano and Javier “zTeemper” Mars closed the point with a comfortable win against Adrián “adriandp98” Silva. Riders returned the blow in a second set that also solved by the fast track and Giants returned to advance thanks to Sergio “Termisfa” Fernandez in the third. The fourth set was the most equalized of the match and had to be resolved in the third game, in which Termisfa himself added the decisive point and placed Giants as provisional colíder of the Superliga Orange next to Team Queso.

Online now, Huntters eSports and NeverBack Gaming delighted us with one of the most spectacular matches of the day . The exchange of blows ended up benefiting NeverBack in a fifth dramatic set, although both teams demonstrated that they have arrived at a good moment of form at the start of Superliga Orange.

There was also a lot of excitement about the role, less potent game of the day: ASUS ROG Army against The G-Lab Penguins . Until the fifth set we had to arrive to meet the winner, who was finally the Armada thanks to the good work of Beñat “Beniju” Juarros and Enrique “Asasins” Cabezudo. The two players were not in the pools to be starters, but they showed that they have talent to participate in the rest of the days and to face the hardest rivals of the competition. Three points very important for Army as it gets against a direct rival.

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eMonkeyz also takes the Call of Duty Cup and completes a dream 2017

Giants and Army look at the premiere of the League of Legends Orange Super League in Barcelona Games World

As the first, the last match of the day was solved by the fast track: Arctic InnJoo comfortably beat KIYF 3-0 . The ice wolves were intractable and gave no option to the ninjas, who could only add two games throughout the three sets. With this result, Arctic is placed as leader of the classification with Team Queso and closes a historic day for the Clash Royale in Spain. The Orange Clash Super League has started. (Click gameusd to buy wow gold ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

7.3 foreign Goblin summed up 35 brush gold method and location to monthly million?

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  1, unlimited immediately refresh the monster location / can brush to: 3000 ~ 10000G

  This is a place can be unlimited brush, in the east of Maraudon. You only need to stand on a special point and then you can kill all the riverside Naga strange. This place is a great place, because the monster will refresh immediately after death. It makes him a point that can be unlimited brush, you will get a lot of silk, green and low level items.

  2, Raytheon Island ooze strange / can brush to: 3000 ~ 8000G

  This is a place to brush the pet, if your server does not have this pet can earn a lot of gold In the area near the south of Raytheon Island and the pond can be easily brush to. Where the soft masonry chance to drop the empty food containers, you can open a small mud group.

  3, Uldum’s crocodile skin / can brush to 10000 ~ 25000G

  It was a really super good place, and I was surprised when I started to try it. The video is one of the most common way of brush, because this brush will have a variety of markets. With the treasure of pottery, at the bottom of the river in Uldum. Not just the items in the chest, but also get a lot of skin. Go to these crocodile eggs and then there will be 5 little crocodiles bite you, kill and then peeling. There will be six eggs in the surrounding very fast refresh, almost no need to wait. This place to brush, then, must be peeling Oh. After trying a lot of places, it is really worth recommending here.

  4, hidden void fragmentation

  This should be a method, this method uses a forgotten spell, void the fragmentation. Quaidana Island on the island of Eldra morning can be bought after the drawings can easily earn the difference.

  5, Twilight Highland water element / can brush to 3000 ~ 7000G

  Another treasure pot with the brush is the twilight of the highlands, and in this place you can go to the Twilight Highlands south of the river to kill these water elements, each will be out of 50G and some other items. This place is a fire a while ago.

  6, Uldum metamorphosis / can brush to 5000 ~ 20000G

  Although not so before the fire before 7.3, but here will be out of a lot of equipment installed green.

  7, metamorphosis – monkey can brush to: each 4000G

  This method requires a high level of the Master, only the Master out of this book. This book is the easiest to brush on the left side of the four-valleys. Every time before you go to the auction to confirm the number and price, if the price is appropriate to go here less brush, out rate is not low.

  8, Jibo Witt rare metamorphosis / can brush to 1 ~ 50000G

  Jibo Witt is a very special NPC, he is the only drop foreman of the NPC. And this coat is missing breasts without BRA breastplate, where people are very popular … … emmmmmm … … a coat can make you earn tens of thousands of g.

  9, speed brush wailing cave / can brush to 3000 ~ 5000G

  2 years ago I liked the way, this place can brush to a small pet there are some illusion. And this brush is very simple, half an hour a variation of young pets.

  10, the kitchen down the goods

  This method is very simple, just because the kitchen is very subtle, so many people do not know … … reselling NPC things can make the difference.

  11, Silithus twilight outpost / can brush to 10000 ~ 150000G

  This point thanks to Blizzard added a dynamic level, with the number of levels of strange will encounter how many levels of monsters. So with a 58 characters, you can hit 57 to 59 items, this level of some items cut the game is the most expensive level of some illusion of equipment. 30 minutes or so will be able to ship! Build a 58 DK number and then pull to the nearby camp can start.

  12, Pioneer Jun port to steal money / can brush to 2000 ~ 35000G

  This method only thieves can brush, where the Pioneer Army can steal the toy “dwarf ten dice”, the probability is not high but the monster super, about 20 minutes can touch.

  13, the dark abyss brush magic equipment / can brush to 1000 ~ 8000G

  This method in the 7.3 after the basic lack of use, but still mention that kill as much as the monster and then some will fall green equipment.

  14, snow feather dragon brush skin

  This is my favorite regiment to come back to one of the three brushing way, in this place is easy to brush and gold coins. With the Corps dissection will fall out of the grotesque stomach capsule, you can out of precious stones, minerals and other things.

  15, stripping bear skin

  And the above snow feather dragon almost, there is a place in the witch territory can brush bear peeling.

  16, dynamic flame / can brush to: 3000 ~ 10000G

  Twilight Highland Brush Flame Flame, I have been surprised that this way to the Legion is not yet popular again. In the Twilight Highlands of a small piece of fire bed there are about 20 to 30 elements strange. Every time you are anxious to have a chance to get a flame of flame 50 ~ 100G. Remember to use treasure pills.

  17, Ni Xi Anzao light dragon / can brush to 1000 ~ 14000G

  This is the most easy to brush the place, there are a lot of black dragon, you can brush unlimited. Each dragon has a chance to drop the black dragon baby.

  18, tribal exclusive brush black gray cat / 1000 ~ 55000G

  In the hills of the hill, you can brush into the black gray cat.

  19, the death of Cromi / 1000 ~ 5000G

  Kromi’s death scene battle can get gold coins and moments wallet, as well as pets.

  20, Zul’Farrak / 5 ~ 20000G

  This is my old world favorite brush gold location, and almost no one found. Everyone said Brush’s time from the front door of the copy … … but the real way to brush gold is a direct fly over, not into the! There are 50 tigers standing on the stairs, they will fall 40 ~ 45 Level of things and illusion of equipment, and refresh time is not long. And not by the adjustment of the metamorphosis of 7.3! This place is really great.

  21, Odum brush burning air / 5000 ~ 17000G

  Into the brush strange, very easy.

  22, death mine Di Feiya thieves / 100 ~ 14000G

  The video will show a way to make Di Feiya thieves out more things, Di Feiya suit legs and gloves can sell 3000 ~ 14000G. And drop a pick only 1% chance, but we can use the way to fight has been brush.

  23, the essence of water / 4000 ~ 7000G

  In the mouth of the swamp can do the pure fountain element to get the essence of water, one can sell 252G, although the rate is not high but still worth a brush.

  24, doom of the hammer / 4000 ~ 25000G

  This is very popular brush law last year, you can get three ways to make money, you can brush to the devil cloth, runescript cloth, magic pattern cloth. Spider grass, etc.

  25, fine dragon baby / 1000 ~ 150000G

  Ferala horror totem predator, where a lot of people brush … … because there will be a small probability out of fine dragon baby, in the US service is expensive.

  26, Jadeite spiked arrows / 13000G

  If you have a Master role can be here a strange brush arrow pig surgery!

  27, North Stranglethorn Vancouver Hunter / 13000G

  Here you can brush to flower feather parrot, in all the servers are expensive.

  28, storm fjord brush crabs / 5000 ~ 20000G

  29, Ahn’suala brush illusion / 10000 ~ 150000G

  30, Marathon 5000 ~ 15000G

  And the top of the bad guys almost.

  31, wet brush small red dragon 1000 ~ 25000G

  32, with NPCscan plugin for the world

  33, poisonous snake temple 1000 ~ 14000G

  34, deformity – bear, 1000 ~ 48000G

  In the keel wilderness brush the Grizzlies.

  35, Gnomeregan 4000 ~ 60000G

  Illusion and toys and small pets. (Click gameusd.com to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K gaming star game in Shenzhen played Downs Iguodala virtual world too real move

During the National Day, the Golden State Warriors and the Minnesota Timberwolves started the first shot of the NBA China this year in Shenzhen. The official game before the game, the two players in the electronic arena took the lead in the move, Iguodala led the Timberwolves and Warriors stars, the NBA 2K Online match.

The gaming star race can be called across the basketball, gaming, entertainment, triple play heavy try. Event slogan is “basketball unbounded, great play”. Many players to join the 5V5 star race, NBA star aspects of Downs, Crawford, Teague, Gijon, Nick Young, Iguodala, McCaw, Richardson have come to the scene, “black” “China has hip-hop” popular player Huang Xu four entertainment big coffee and “pick up”, “cold-blooded” two 2017 national league spring game game ” Big god “also joined the warriors and Minnesota team. Eventually, two rounds of the two teams win a round, evenly divided.

In addition to the game battle, gaming competition also carried out the reality dunk contest, the scene also video connection Zhou Qi, let Zhou Qi take you to see 4 am in Houston. For the question of whether to eat moon cake, Zhou Qi said: “The United States has no moon cake.” For Huang Xu want to go to Toyota Center Zhou Qi, Zhou Qi and will bring the desire to Xinjiang, Zhou Qi said: “When the time to see Houston To come together to learn about basketball, has been very much miss the dishes in Xinjiang.

UK released the latest week of game sales: “FIFA 18” topped the list

British retailers also announced the “FIFA 18” sales platform, which accounted for 60% of the share of PS4, Xbox accounted for about one-third, both together with 97% of the market share, the rest of the Switch owned. As the sales volume statistics is the physical market share, so the PC version of the “FIFA 18” did not join the list.
The following is the first 30 weeks of 2011 British physical game sales charts:
1. “FIFA 18”
2. “fate 2”
3. “Extreme Racing Horizon 3”
4. “NBA 2K18”
5. “GTA5”
6. “Wolves trilogy”
7. “Racing Plan 2”
8. “Mysterious waters: the lost heritage”
9. “Lego World”
10. “Mario Racing 8 Deluxe Edition”
11. “Halo 5: Guardian”
12. “Live Soccer 2018”
13. “Rainbow Six: siege”
14. “Pocket Tie Championship Tournament DX”
15. “F1 2017”
16. “Watch the vanguard of the annual version”
17. “Zelda legend: the wilderness”
18. “Lehman’s Ultimate Edition”
19. “Radiation 4”
20. “Resident Evil 7”

‘NBA 2K18:’ How To Download Realistic Draft Class On PS4

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Looking for a way to have the most realistic versions of Michael Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley III, Luka Doncic and DeAndre Ayton available to draft in your NBA 2K18 MyGM and MyLeague experiences?

Credit: Brian Mazique (NBA 2K18)
Marvin Bagley III –
NationalBballa custom draft class

If the answer to that question is yes, a team from the NBA 2K community has banded together to create a custom draft class that can be downloaded and used in the aforementioned modes. Nationalbballa spearheaded this year’s efforts, but he also had help from well-known content creators like DaInfamousNY and EmbraceThePace.

Here is the former’s tweet announcing the completion of the project:

Nationalbballa @NationalBBalla3
For the community, by the community! I present to you NBA 2K18 Draft Classes for PS4 https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/nba-2k-basketball-rosters/915997-nba-2k18-ultimate-draft-classes-ps4.html …
12:00 PM – Sep 30, 2017
Photo published for NBA 2k18 Ultimate Draft Classes (PS4)
NBA 2k18 Ultimate Draft Classes (PS4)
Operation Sports Forums
2 2 Replies 5 5 Retweets 13 13 likes
Twitter Ads info and privacy

Considering the current limitations of the offline create-a-player suite, these guys did an outstanding job finding likenesses that match the prospects they were recreating. The ratings are all very realistic too. These aren’t fanboy ratings that will have 19-year-olds hitting the league as 95 overall rated players.

There is logic and authenticity with attributes derived from scouting reports, highlight reels and full-game analysis. Youtube is a wonderful tool.

If you’ve already started your MyGM or MyLeague, don’t worry, you can still download this draft class. The tutorial below shows you how to download the draft class at any point in your season:

If you haven’t started your MyLeague yet, here’s how you can download the draft class from NationalBballa. Follow the instructions in the video below, but substitute the creator’s name with NationalBballa:

In MyGM this year, you can’t upload a draft class until after your first season. That’s unfortunate, but you can use the same process to find NationalBballa’s content when prompted at the beginning of your second season. This is just another example of how NBA 2K’s passionate community makes their product stronger.

Hopefully, we’ll see better creation tools in an upcoming patch.

Civic NationVoice
Sara Marcellino Sara Marcellino , Civic Nation
Sara Marcellino, Development Officer for the Contra Costa College Foundation, is a guest contributor for the College Promise Campaign

A college education is an increasingly critical piece of becoming part of the American middle class. It is often noted that by 2020 65% of jobs in the United States will require some form of postsecondary education, whether be it a four-year degree, associate’s degree, or job training program. For people without a college education, the risk of falling behind is real—and unfortunately increasing.

Yet, it is that very financial insecurity that keeps so many from staying in school.

One recent study found that 52% of community college students faced uncertain access to food. A full 20% in the same study had struggled with actual hunger in the previous 30 days. Over half were unsure of their ability to pay for housing. An astonishing 13% were homeless.

Little wonder, then, that students from families in the highest income quartile are six times more likely to graduate than students whose families fell into the bottom. Too many American college students are being forced to miss class or even drop out entirely because of financial emergencies relating to things like healthcare, childcare, rent, utilities, or transportation.

That’s why the Contra Costa College Foundation began working one year ago, in partnership with Contra Costa College, the community college we serve in the San Francisco Bay Area, to change this trajectory for our students. We have created a Wrap-Around Fund to address financial crises that might otherwise force students to drop out. Last month, we launched.

Courtesy of Contra Costa College
Graduates of Contra Costa College celebrate after the 2017 commencement.

I currently serve as Development Officer for the Contra Costa College Foundation (CCCF). 81% of our students come from low- or lower-middle income households. We know all too well that when good students are held back by bad situations, educators can find themselves powerless to help.

The response to our new Wrap-Around program has been immediate and hugely rewarding. In the two weeks since the program began, we have made contact with 45 students in crisis, cut our first ten checks, and been rewarded with four letters of gratitude—a critical component of the program that allows us to share its impact in the words of the student recipient with current and future investors in the fund.

The Wrap-Around application process is fairly simple. If an otherwise dedicated student suddenly goes missing from class or confides in struggling to continue, faculty members, or college counselors are encouraged to intervene. If the cause is a financial emergency, that instructor or staff member can recommend the student to the Financial Aid Department via a quick note, which then results in a private link sent to the student to apply for emergency cash assistance.

Many kinds of emergencies qualify. For example, one student recently found himself unable to commute to class because his car was in need of repair. Thanks to this support, we were able to help him out. If this had happened a year ago, he may well have had to drop out.

Of course, once the student completes the application, counselors work to verify that the need is legitimate. Currently, we have a team of four reviewers—primarily from our counseling department—trained and ready to review the applications. If there are questions regarding the legitimacy of a request, other reviewers can be brought in to help. We try to do all of this within 48 hours of receipt.
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Once an application is reviewed, the Financial Aid team sends a request to us at the Foundation, and we then cut the check and follow up with the student.

Our goal is to get the money into the student’s hands within ten days of contact. Sometimes we get there sooner.

We know we can’t solve some of the underlying problems for our students, but we can help students in crisis stay in class and on track to meet their educational goals. While our nascent program hasn’t had time to build a track record of its own, 95% of students who benefitted from similar programs finished the semester and 88% returned to school for the next. That is a goal we want for our program, too, so stay tuned.

The program is also far from comprehensive. I like to think of it as one spoke on a wheel, working in concert with financial aid, the career center, our Promise program and many other student services that together begin to form the kind of wrap-around support services that schools need to catch up with the realities facing so many of their students.

Of course, there is also a fundraising component of the program. Our hope is to help 200 students stay in school each year. If each one received the maximum of $500, that would mean raising $100,000 annually. We’re going to need plenty of help, but I am confident that we can do it. Our Fund commenced with $60,000, raised on the concept alone, and mostly from community leaders who simply believed in what we were doing.

Overall, it has been a thrill to see this come to life. I, for one, would love to see more programs like ours around the country. I believe that people and organizations will stand up to support them, just as they have here.

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Fifa imposed fines on DFB

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During the match Germany against the Czech Republic in the World Cup qualifiers, German fans ignited pyrotechnics, chanted right-wing slogans and sang the first strophe of the Germany member. (picture alliance / Thomas Eisenhuth / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB)
The Football World Federation sanctioned the right-wing incidents among German supporters in Prague.
As the Fifa communicated, the German football federation has to pay a fine of around 28,000 euros. In addition, the DFB was warned. German visitors had interrupted a silence for two Czech footballers who had died during the World Cup qualifying match of the national team against the Czech Republic’s selection on 1 September, pyrotechnics ignited and “victory” calls for the goal to the 2: 1 with “Heil” calls answered ,

The penalty is considered comparatively moderate. The Fifa could also have imposed a fan exclusion in one of the next games. (Click gameusd.com to buy gameusd,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)